Going in a circle
to move forward.

Oquonie is a textless isometric puzzle game. You will not be alone, your incarnations will have the help of bizaroid characters speaking an obscure language. Oquonie features an original soundtrack and was best described as "Animal Crossing in a K-Hole".

"Its just a strange world, and everything is strange in it. Youre making your way through an Escher drawing, collecting what you need on a path that fights back."

Zack Kotzer (Kill screen)

Why are you here? Where are you going? The only option available to you is to move from one room to another, seemingly forward - or are you going backwards? You encounter many characters, but not all can help you on your quest. And not all hints you find, are important. An owl appears to be on your side, but a thought occurs to you; even if you did understand the language, would they be telling the truth? Some doors are locked, you need to change your form to enter. Others, are unlocked, you carry on deeper into the unknown. As you go, and as you change, maybe the letters will become clear to you, but at what cost?

"Devine and Rekka have created a world that is both nostalgic and fresh - evoking the fantasy of Lewis Carroll and combining it with inventive match-three gameplay to the point of being indiscernible."

Antony Stevens (Indie game mag)


Download Assets .zip Developer: Hundredrabbits, based somewhere in the pacific ocean. Release date: February 2014 Stores: Itch.io Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux Price: USD $5.00 Demo: Contact us


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Awards, recognition and features

Indie games festival finalist Excellence in Visual Art, 2015 Humble bundle feature Monochrome bundle, 2015 File games Rio Gallery feature, Brazil, 2015 Archeology of the digital exhibition Canadian centre for architecture, 2014 Rekka Bellum Art and animation Devine Lu Linvega Programming, game design and music Rez Mason Programming Developer Hundredrabbits Email hundredrabbits@gmail.com Twitter @rekkabell @neauoire